This doc covers how to incorporate ClickUp into your Outlook workflow such as creating tasks from emails, attaching email responses to tasks, and more.

If you'd like to learn how to connect your Outlook account to ClickUp so you can send & receive email communications from within a task thread, click here.

Installing the Outlook Add-In

  1. Open any email in Outlook

  2. Select "Store" or "Get Add-Ins" from the top bar

  3. Search for ClickUp in the Add-In Store

  4. Click Add 

  5. On any email, click the ClickUp button

  6. Log in to your ClickUp Account

  7. Select the team(s) that should have access

Note: Web users will find the Get Add-Ins option in the ellipses menu next to the reply & forward buttons. 

You may also install here, or if your version of Outlook requires a URL, enter:   

Creating Tasks

Open the extension, and you'll see the New Task tab

Creating a new task 

  • Write a title for your task

  • Select the List where your task will go

  • Add assignees

  • Write a description for your task

  • Click Create New Task  

Set a Default List

  • Save a default destination for tasks making this the fastest way to add new tasks!

Attach Emails to Tasks

Capture an email

  • Click the ClickUp button at the top of your email to generate a full HTML record of the email. 

  • Note: Web users will see the ClickUp button in the ellipses menu on an email message.

Attach emails to tasks and create tasks from emails

  • ClickUp will attach the email to a task or create a brand new one with the email attachment included so you can quickly view, jump back, or download the email!

Switching and Adding Teams 

To see your Teams, click on the avatars at the top left corner. Switching to a Team is easy. Just click on it! 

To add a new team to the extension, click on the plus "+" icon next to Teams. You will be shown all of your teams and can choose which ones you'd like to use.


The Outlook Extension will work for users of:

  • Office 365 (Web & Desktop)*

  • (Web & Desktop)

  • (Web & Desktop)

  • (Web & Desktop)

  • Outlook for Windows 2013+

  • Outlook for Mac 2014+

*Microsoft has limited Add-ins in Office 365 to only work with and Microsoft Exchange email servers. If you are using a POP3 or IMAP server, you will be unable to use any Add-ins.

The Outlook Add-In will NOT work for users using:

  • Outlook Desktop older than 2013
    - This includes: Outlook 2010 and Outlook for Mac 2011

  • Microsoft Exchange Servers older than 2013
    - This includes: Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007

How do I check which version of Outlook and Exchange I'm using?

Check out these support articles from Microsoft that will help you identify which versions you are using:

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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