Plan, manage, and track - anything you can imagine! Link tasks and Lists into one central source of truth. 

What can Goals be used for? 

Goals vs Targets

Goals are high-level containers that should be broken down into smaller Targets

Targets are measurable results, that, when completed, will also complete the Goal

How to create a Goal

Goals page in the sidebar
  1. Go to the Goals page
  2. Click 'New Goal' and follow the steps
  3. Create Targets

Target types

  • Number: Track increases or decreases between any range of numbers. 
  • True/False: True or false Targets are simply done or not done.
  • Currency: Track your money with this Target type.
  • Tasks: Automatically tracks the completion of tasks and/or Lists. Use this if your Target is to complete a group of tasks. 

How do I know when tasks are part of Goals? 

When viewing a task, you'll see the below to indicate a task has been attached to a Target: 

goal indicator in task view

How to update Goals and Targets

When you've taken action on a Target, click on that Target and you'll see: 

target menu where you can increase or decrease the target value

Here, you can update your Target in a variety of ways. The easiest way is to:

  1. Select an action (for example, Increase target by 5 )
  2. Add a note about what you did for this action (optional)
  3. Click Update  

As you update your Targets, your Goals will also automatically be updated based on the proportion of Targets completed. 

Goal Folders

goal folder

Group weekly goals, align business objectives and do more with neatly organized folders. Read more about Goal folders here.

Note: Business Plans and higher have access to Goal Folders.

Who can see Goals? 

When creating a Goal, you have two options:

  1. Public (shared with members of your Workspace)
  2. Private (customize who gets access)

What about Guests?

Guests are not allowed to create Goals or to be assigned to Goals. However, you can share Goals with guests.

What about permissions? 

When you share a Goal, just like permissions for tasks, you can customize permissions for Goals:

permissions settings options of can view or can edit

Goals on each Plan

  • Unlimited Plan & above: Unlimited Goals

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