Folder Templates make it easy to get started with ClickUp!

Browse our powerful collection of prebuilt templates created by our ClickUp community! Or create and use templates for your team that live within your Workspace.

Find a Folder Template

  1. Select the + button from the sidebar next to the Space you wish to add a Folder to

  2. Or click on the Folder settings ellipsis for an existing Folder you want to apply a template to

  3. Select Template Center and then Browse Templates

Screenshot of the Create Options available from a Space in the Sidebar, highlighting the Template Center and Browse Templates options

3. Search for a template from your Workspace or from the ready-to-use templates created by our ClickUp community

4. Filter by template type to just see Folder templates

5. Select a Folder template to see more detail

Screenshot of available Folder templates in the Template Center

6. Select Use Template

7. Add a Folder name, location, import options, and more

8. Select Use Template

Screenshot of the Use Template page for a Folder Template in the Template Center

You'll see a message that your Folder has been created, and it will appear in the sidebar! 🎉

Create a Folder Template

  1. Create a Folder and add Lists, tasks, views, and Automations that you would like to save as a template

  2. Click the Folder's ellipsis ... in the sidebar

  3. Select Template Center

  4. Select Save as Template

  5. Choose a name, add a description (optional), and select sharing settings

  6. Select your Import options

Screenshot of the Save as new Template screen, highlighting the option to enter a template name

Update a Folder Template

  1. Create a new Folder using an existing template

  2. Make any changes and updates to the Lists, tasks, views, and Automations

  3. Click the Folder's ellipsis ... in the sidebar

  4. Select Template Center

  5. Select Update existing Template

  6. Search for and choose the existing template you wish to update

    Screenshot of the Update existing Template search and select screen

  7. Click Next

  8. Optional: rename and update the sharing preferences for your template

  9. Select your Import options

  10. Click Save

Delete a Folder Template

Need to tidy up your Folder templates? Consider deleting ones you no longer need.

Warning: Once you delete a template, it's gone forever.

  1. Open the Template center

  2. Select the template you wish to delete

  3. In the template preview, select Delete Template

Screenshot of the Folder template preview page within the Template Center, highlighting the button to delete template

Want to learn more?

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