When you want to provide limited access within your Workspace to people outside your organization, invite them as guests to ensure they only get access to the items you want them to see!

Converting a member to a guest will remove their access to Spaces and prevent them from creating Spaces, Folders, and Lists. 

You're also able to remove access to time logs, time estimates, tags and custom fields from guests. 

Keep in mind that members converted guests will only have access to private Folders, Lists, or tasks that they've been invited to. Often this will be none, so it's good practice after converting them to a guest, to share each item they still need access to.

Before you begin

Who can convert members and guests?

Only Workspace owners and admins can convert members to guests, and guests to members.

Will I get charged to converting a guest to a member?

If you're on the Free Forever Plan, everyone you invite to your Workspace is invited as a Guest with create and edit permissions.

If you're on a paid plan and you convert a guest to a member, and you don't have a member seat available, you'll incur a charge for adding a new member to your Workspace. More information can be found on our Billing FAQ.

How to Convert a Member to a Guest

  1. Open your Workspace settings

  2. Click on the People page

  3. Find the Role column and change to Guest

  4. That user will now be located in the Guests list

Animation showing the steps to convert a member to a guest

How to Convert a Guest to a Member

  1. Navigate to the People settings page

  2. Proceed to the Guests tab

  3. Click on the ... in the Settings column for the guest

  4. Choose Make full member 

Screenshot of the People settings page highlighting the options available

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