Ensure your Workspace is protected from any unauthorized access with ClickUp's two-factor authentication (2FA).

There are two ways you can enable 2FA:

  1. SMS Text Message (available on our Business Plan and above)

  2. TOTP Authentication App (available on all plans)

Note: Business plan and above can require this feature for everyone on the Workspace. As an individual Workspace member, you can also enable TOTP for your own account.

How to set up 2FA for your personal account

  1. Open your Workspace settings menu

  2. Click My Settings

  3. Flip the toggle for your preferred 2FA (SMS or TOTP)

How to require 2FA for the whole Workspace

Flip the toggle to prompt people to enable 2FA on their next login. Each person can check their Preferences settings page to confirm that 2FA is enabled.

Additionally, admins and owners can see which Workspace members have (and haven't) enabled 2FA in the User settings page:

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