With a robust feature set and strong hierarchical structure, ClickUp makes it easy to manage the challenges of retail operations all in one convenient place!

Start with the Hierarchy


We recommend creating a Space called "Operations" in your Retail Workspace to house all of your action items.

Folders and Lists

Add Folders and Lists as follows:

  • Folder: "Sales" > Lists: "Point of Sales", "Special Orders". 

This is how you'll separate your sales process for normal clients vs. those that request specialized services.

  • Folder: "Bills" > Lists: "Overdue", "Pending". 

Handling your overdue bills in a separate List will guarantee you can prioritize them immediately.

  •  Folder: "Staff" > Lists: "Time-off requests", "New Hires" + one List for each current employee on your Workspace

These Lists will allow you to manage tasks for both seasoned employees and brand new hires all in one place.

  • Folder: "Stock" > Lists: "Orders", "In Stock", "Backlog"

Keep track of general inventory stock and orders, and monitor any backlogged pre-orders.


This is where you'll be spending the majority of your time in ClickUp to satisfy the requirements of each List you've set up. A full description of task features can be found here. 

After setting up, your Hierarchy will look like this!

Important Features and integrations

Custom Fields: Create unique task fields to manage SKUs, client contact information, budgets and more.

Custom Fields Reporting: Find the sum, average or range of any numeric Custom Field you create. This is the perfect way to calculate budgets and manage payroll.

Calendar View: Visualize the start and due dates for all of your tasks directly on your ClickUp calendar. You can even sync these tasks to your favorite external calendar for viewing on the go!

Zapier Integration with Google Forms: Automatically attach client-submitted order forms directly to your ClickUp tasks.

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