Make sure you're always two steps ahead of your fulfillment demands with a comprehensive inventory management system!

Set up your Structure

We have a great Folder template that we've built and put in place for you to start utilizing right away, or to use as a starting point!

  • Click on the +  icon in the left sidebar to create a new Folder/List
  • Select From template 
  • In categories, expand Resource Management and select Inventory Management 
  • Click Use Template 

Important Features and Integrations

Custom Fields: Create unique task fields to manage the cost per unit, order quantity, next order dates and more. Check out how we've set up our Inventory List below.


In this example, we're using the People, Money, Number, Date, Text, and Email field types. 

We use them to track important details like who the Ops Manager is, what the cost per unit will be, how many units to order, when the next order will take place, the name of the vendor and the vendor's contact information.

Start and Due Dates: Hold yourself accountable for on-time completion by setting a start and due date for each inventory task.

Chrome Extension: This is the perfect tool to use on the go. Not only can you track time and quick-create tasks, but you can also create and annotate screenshots, and even add tasks to ClickUp via email.

Calculated Columns: Find the sum, average or range of any numerical field you create directly in List View to monitor values like total cost and total units ordered, for example.

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