What will you see when you log in?

In your left sidebar, you will be able to view the Folders, Lists and tasks that you've been invited to (see video above for more)

Guests can find all tasks that have been shared with them, in the sidebar. If you don't see your sidebar, click here to expand it.

  1. View All: See all tasks that have been shared with you
  2. Tasks shared with me: These are individual tasks that you have access to, independent of the Lists that hold the tasks.
    Note: You will be able to view tasks in these areas in List, Board, and Calendar views.
  3. Lists: Where you will find any Lists that have been shared. Lists may be in a Folder, or not. On each Folder and List, you will have access to your tasks through the views your Workspace has created on each level.

What won't you see?

You may notice that certain features are missing or can be hidden from ClickUp guest users, these include: 

  1. Settings options
  2. Reporting
  3. New task button (only if you don't have permission to create tasks
  4. Spaces
  5. Integrations
  6. Multitask Toolbar

Working with your tasks

As a guest, you are provided a permission for each Folder, List or task that is shared with you:

  1. Read-only
  2. Comment-only
  3. Full edit access

If you've been given read-only access to an item, here's what you'll see when opening a task: 

Comment-only guests can also submit comments in the lower right portion of a task:

Guests with full-edit access will be able to take all actions on a task that are available to normal users (commenting, changing status and more).

Email Task Creation

You can create tasks via email using any email address or if you have a ClickUp account, you can even submit comments to existing tasks via email. Check out this doc and video to learn more!

Note: Anyone with the appropriate List email can create tasks via email! 

Attach Files to Tasks

Need to share a document or image in a task with a teammate? Simply open a task and click Add in the lower left corner of your screen:

If you are part of a paid Workspace, you'll also be able to create and attach files from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Note: Guests will require comment or greater permissions to do this.

Important Restrictions for Guests

  • Guests do not have access to Spaces
  • Guests may not create Spaces, Folders, or Lists

Read more about ClickUp permissions here.

Our full FAQ doc for sharing and privacy features can also be found here!

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