This doc explains features in ClickUp 2.0. Looking for a 1.0 doc? Check out this link!

In ClickUp, Guests are added to Folders, Lists, and tasks. To add a Guest, find what you want to share, and invite your guest to it!

How to add guests to Folders, Lists, and Tasks

  1. Click the action menu ... (shown below) 
  2. Open the Sharing menu
  3. Type the email address of a Guest you'd like to invite
  4. Set their permissions

Folder Share Menu

List Share Menu

Task Share Menu

Managing Guests

Admins may also manage Guests from their "People" Settings page.

  1. Click on your profile avatar in the lower left corner of your screen
  2. Click People 
  3. Click Guests to open the Guest tab
  4. Manage Guests from the ... or ClickApps toggles
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