Guest seats are great for working with people outside your organization who only need to access specific items in your Workspace.

In ClickUp, guests are added to Folders, Lists, and tasks. To add a guest, find what you want to share, and invite your guest to it!

Invite a Guest

  1. Click the settings menu ellipsis ... of the task, List, Folder, Doc, Dashboard, or Goal that you want to share with the guest

  2. Open the Sharing & Permissions menu

  3. Type the email address of a guest you'd like to invite

  4. Choose their permission settings on the right

  5. Click Invite

The guest will receive an email shortly inviting them to join your Workspace!

Managing Guests

Guest access can be managed from the same ... menu that is used to share the item.

Admins can manage guest permissions and availability of certain features from their "People" settings page (available with paid plans).

  1. Click on your profile avatar in the lower left corner of your screen

  2. Select People  

  3. Click Guests  to open the Guest tab

Convert a guest to a member in a few quick steps!

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