Yesterday, we released our Guests feature, and we heard from some of you why this wasn't ideal.

Where did we go wrong?

Specifically, we heard that smaller teams with 1-2 people didn't have enough Guest seats.

How are we going to fix this?

Today, we made some changes to the policy for Guests, that will go into effect on Monday. 

You'll soon be able to add unlimited Guests, with read only  permissions, for free

And for Guests that need more permissions, we're greatly increasing the amount you can add.  

Now, all Unlimited teams get 5 free Guests by default. And for each additional member, you get 2 more free Guests.

And for those of you that work with lots of Guests, the Business plan is perfect, with 10 free Guests included plus 5 free Guests for each additional member.

And again, you'll be able to share with read-only guests, unlimited, for free. 

Note: these changes will go into effect on Monday. 

Why did we have to limit the amount of Guests added?

Guests, in ClickUp, are extremely versatile. You can choose to share a little or a lot, you can customize permissions, and you can even hide things like Custom Fields, Time Tracking, and Time Estimates from Guests. To prevent abuse and ensure a viable business model, just like other apps, we had to limit the amount of Guests added.

How does ClickUp compare with competition?

  • Asana: $50/month, 15 free Guests
  • Monday: $39/month, 3 guests free
  • Trello: Last week, Trello changed their policy: guests added to multiple boards are now billed at full price ($9/month)
  • Todoist: $5/month, Guests are billed at full price
  • ClickUp: $5/month with 5 free Guests or $9/month for 10 free Guests + unlimited read-only Guests

As you can see, our pricing model is extremely cheap compared to our competition, and our Guests policy is even more generous.

Our only goal is to make you more productive, and as we continue growing beyond 45,000 teams, we want to ensure we build a sustainable business that can serve you even better in 2019.

What's next? Gantt charts, Inbox, Goals, Portfolios, and ClickUp 2.0.

With love,

Zeb & team

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