Collaboration is an important part of today's business landscape. From time to time, or maybe as part of your everyday workflows, you may need a contribution from someone outside your ClickUp Workspace.

We've added tons of public sharing options so you can keep people informed, but when you need participation from someone outside of your Workspace, you can invite them as a guest!

Guests overview

Guest seats are great for working with people who only need to access specific items in your Workspace. You can invite guests to tasks, Lists, and Folders without worrying that they will access information that you don't intend to share with them.

Guests will have limited access to the other features of your Workspace, and will not see any tasks, Lists, or Folders that have not been shared with them.

Guests are easily identified by the orange squares on their avatar:

Details about guests

  • Guests are invited to tasks, Lists, or Folders. They do not have access to Spaces
  • Guests cannot create or delete Spaces, Folders, Lists, Dashboards or views
  • Guests have limited access to edit views, but these changes won't be saved and won't be reflected for anyone else in the Workspace
  • Guests do not have access to Reporting, Goals, or Portfolios. However, you can share a Goal with a guest
  • Access to Tags can be turned on or off for each guest
  • If a guest has access to a Folder, List, or task, they will be able to see any attached Docs
  • On any paid plan, a full range of permissions settings are available for guests, and Time Estimates, Time Tracking, and Custom Fields can be hidden from guests

How to add guests

  1. Click the action menu ... task, List, or Folder that you want to share with the guest
  2. Open the Sharing & Permissions menu
  3. Type the email address of a guest you'd like to invite
  4. Choose their permission settings

Managing guests

While guests are always invited to specific items, admins or the Workspace owner can manage guest users on the People page available on their avatar menu.

On paid plans, if a guest no longer needs full create and edit access, but you would still like for them to access your Workspace for reference, you can convert them into view-only guests. You may have as many view-only guests as you need!

To convert a guest to view-only permissions, click on the items they can access, and adjust the permissions for each location.

Note: Only admins or Workspace owners can remove guests.

The guest experience

Guests will have a simplified view of ClickUp, and will be able to use many of ClickUp's personal productivity tools like Inbox, favorites, and customized notifications!

A guest with access to one task, one List, and one Folder would see a sidebar like this:

Guests can access Docs and Chats that are shared with them, by using the shortcut buttons pinned at the top of the sidebar. Simply click Docs or Chats button to easily open the desired item!

Pricing for guest seats

Free Forever Plan

  • Just like members, you can invite as many guests to your Workspace as you want!
  • All guests will have full create and edit permissions, you are not able to set other permissions levels.
  • Additionally, you can't hide Custom Fields, Time Tracking, and Time Estimates from guests.

Paid Plans

When you upgrade, you get a number of permissions-available guests and unlimited view-only guests, included free for every paid user with your plan!

  • Unlimited Plan: receive 5 permissions-available guest seats for a 1 member Workspace, and + 2 with each additional member seat on the Workspace.
  • Business Plan: receive 10 permissions-available guest seats for a 1 member Workspace, and + 5 with each additional member seat you add to your Workspace.
  • Enterprise Plan: Same number of guest seats as the Business Plan, with additional options to not allow the addition of guests at all, only allow admins to add guests, or allow members and admins to add guests.

FAQs About Guests

What happens when I run out of guest seats?

When you add new guests, a new member seat will be added to your Workspace. In addition to that seat, you'll also receive two (or five) free guest seats.

On the Unlimited or Business Plans is it possible to have more guests than my seats allow?

Yes, for example: If you have a Workspace with 2 members on the Unlimited Plan, you will have 7 guest seats to use with permissions. If you want to add another guest seat, making it 8, an additional member seat will be charged and +2 guest seats will be made available. Then, you would be using 2/3 member seats, and 8/9 guest seats.

Will guests be able to view tasks that are dependent (waiting on or blocking) the task I share with them?

They will see the task IDs of any dependent tasks unless they have been given explicit access to the tasks, in which case they will see the task details.

All differences in guests and members

PDF version available here.

Have more questions? Check out our privacy, sharing, and guests FAQ doc here!

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