Do you have sensitive information that you want locked down? Set permissions for important things in ClickUp. 

What are permissions? 

Permission settings let you decide what people can (and can't) do inside of ClickUp.

Permissions may be set for anyone - including both Guests and Members. They can be set for Folders, Lists, tasks, views, Docs, Dashboards, and Goals.

Spaces, however, do not have permission settings. 

User Roles

User roles also play a part in what actions a person has available in a Workspace!

Helpful chart displaying information on user roles.

PDF version of User Roles chart available here.

Setting permissions for Folders, Lists, and Tasks

All ClickUp Plans other than our Free Forever Plan have the ability to set permissions.

You can set permissions when sharing items with guests and members in your Workspace.

Items you can share at set permissions for include:

Types of permissions

Graphic showing the various types of permissions.

Can view: read-only, cannot edit tasks in any way 

  • Members and guests are able to see details but are not able to interact

  • Can download but not add attachments to tasks

Note: Guests may be restricted from viewing Time Tracked and Time Estimated. They can also be restricted from adding or removing Tags.

How to hide Time Estimates, Time Tracked, and Tags.

Can comment: comment only, attach files, complete checklist items assigned to them

  • Add comments
    - Liking comments and reacting with emoji
    - Assigning and resolving comments related to themselves

  • Attaching files

  • Complete assigned checklist items

Can comment (with task assigned): if someone has can comment permissions with a task assigned to them, they have all the same abilities as can comment, and they're also able to:

  • Change task status

  • Change task assignee(s)

Can edit: edit tasks, but can't create new tasks 

  • Edit all task and subtask details (status, assignee, title, description, etc.)

  • Members have the ability to add and remove other users from the task

  • Ability to remove attachments

  • Ability to archive

  • Ability to move, merge, duplicate, or use templates

  • Ability to duplicate a List

Create and Edit (Full) 

  • Ability to create tasks and subtasks

  • Can add attachments

  • This is the only option for guests on a Free Forever Plan Workspace

  • Ability to delete tasks

Can delete: prevent people from deleting items they didn't create

  • Prevents people from deleting items they didn't create

  • When enabled, members will only be able to delete items they created.

  • Admins will always be able to delete items (even if they didn't create them).

Note: Can delete permissions are available only on the Enterprise Plan.

Permissions in detail

Full chart breaking down all our different permission levels.

PDF version of Permissions chart available here.

Permissions for Guests

For more information about what guests can and cannot do, check out our guests public help doc!

Hide Custom Fields from Guests

If you don't want guests to see custom fields in the Folders, Lists or tasks you've shared with them, just follow these steps:

  1. Click the ellipsis ... next to the shared Folder or List

  2. Select More then Custom Fields to open the Manage Custom Fields modal

  3. Hover over the field you want to hide and click the Guests button

  4. Switch the Visibility for guests toggle to Hide

  5. Close the modal

Other helpful information

User roles also play a part in what actions a person has available in a Workspace!

Have more questions? Check out our privacy and sharing FAQ doc here!

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