Gain insight into how custom fields within your Workspace are being used with reports. This data can be found within the Reports Page, and is accessible to Workspaces on paid plans.

Eventually, Dashboards will replace our Reporting feature. Check it out!

Creating a Custom Fields Report

When you first visit the report, you'll be asked to choose an initial custom field to build the report with. 

No worries, you can add more or change the initial field once your report is generated. 

  1. Choose a custom field from the drop-down
    - For each custom field you choose, a column will be added and only tasks with that field set will be shown
    - Click the + button to add another custom field column
  2. Optionally, use the filters to choose specific field values with operators such as is set, is not set, greater than, less than, etc
  3. Optionally, set a "Calculation" field at the bottom of each column.
    - Specify a calculation: Sum, Average, Range

Group by People

Choose the PEOPLE tab to see custom fields by person. 

Resource managers love this option when using custom fields such as scrum points. See how many points each user has. 

CRM managers will love tracking which of their teammates is responsible for different leads.

Group by Tasks

Choose the TASKS tab to get a condensed list of all tasks matching the custom fields and filters you've applied. 

Other Filters

Location: Space, Folder, List

Be sure you focus the tables on what matters. Set the Space(s), Folder(s), or List(s) you're most interested in.

Standard Filters

Besides the new filters mentioned before, custom fields reports also have the power of all filters you're used to in List, Calendar and Board View.

Time Period

Choose the period for the data you'll be monitoring in the report.

Want more details on the different types of fields ClickUp offers? Just click here!

Tip: Learn how to calculate your custom fields in List View here!

Note: Current custom field types supported are text, number, dropdown, date, checkbox, money, link and email.


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