Global Font Support

  • Now, ClickUp can be optimized for every language in the world! 
  • If you ever had problems displaying characters from your language, just enable Global Fonts. This changes the standard font to a more widely used font that works with every character.
  • This is also available now on iOS and Android. 
  • All your website links - now in one place!
  • ClickUp automatically groups any hyperlinks posted in comments in one convenient place. This allows you to easily access those elusive links that get buried within comments. 



  • When a branch is attached to a task, all commits in that branch will be automatically logged to the task

Task Mentions

  • Now, you'll find mentions of a task you're viewing beside the new links area in the bottom of your task window

Time View

Chrome Extension 

  • Subtasks now show in search results
  • Choose lists for adding new tasks with the convenience of Favorites
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