Update: You can send and receive emails directly inside tasks with our Email ClickApp! In addition to the features below, we also have Outlook, Gmail, and Google Inbox integrations.

Email isn't dead, yet. If you still use email, you'll love what you can do in ClickUp:

  1. Create new tasks by sending or forwarding email to ClickUp
  2. Add comments by sending emails to ClickUp tasks
  3. Reply to notification emails (adding comments)

Create New Tasks by Sending Email to ClickUp

Tasks are created within Lists, so first, you'll want to find the List where you'll be adding new tasks.

  1. Click on the ... menu for a List in your extended sidebar
  2. At the top of the menu, click on the email instructions icon
  3. Click COPY to copy the address for this List
gif showing how to get email from list

Sending an email to this List address will create a new task in that List and attach the email as an attachment. Your task will be created with the following details:

Add details to your tasks

how an email is interpreted by ClickUp
  1. Task name: The subject line will be converted to your task's name
  2. Task description: The body text of your email will be added as the task description
  3. Assign/Tag: Use tags <assign me> , <assign example@email.com>, <tag tag_name>  in the subject line as many times as you want to add multiple assignees or tags!
  4. Due Date & Time: Include <due date & time> in the subject of the email to add a when it is due. This text will need to start with the word "due"
    - Example: <due mm/dd/yyyy at 2pm>
    - The value you insert may be a human readable string, such as <due next friday> or <due 20th of August 2020>
  5. Attachments: Any attachments* in the email will be added as attachments to the task. Images within the email body will also be added as attachments.

Pro Tip: You can also forward emails to ClickUp

Attach Emails and Add Comments via Email 

Comments are added within tasks, so first, you'll want to find the task where you'll be adding new comments.

  1. Open a task
  2. Click on the ... menu at the top of the task window
  3. At the top of the menu, click on the email instructions icon
  4. Click COPY to copy the address for this task

Sending an email to a ClickUp task will: 

gif showing how to get task email

  1. Attach any text in your email as a comment
  2. Attach the full html as an attachment within your comment 

Reply to Notification Emails

You can respond directly to notifications emails you receive from ClickUp! Any response will be added as a comment to the task and attachments will be included as well. 

Important Note: You must use the email address associated with your ClickUp account in order to reply to notifications. 


  1. Save your task and List addresses to your contact book and easily add tasks on the go!
  2. Set up mail forwarding rules to automate the creation of tasks.

*Note: Due to AWS limitations, we are only able to process email attachments when the combined size of all attachments in a single email is less than 10mb.

Send & Receive Emails within a task

With the Email ClickApp, you can send and receive emails directly within a task!

Easily switch between posting a ClickUp comment for people in your Workspace, and sending an email to anyone! And you have the choice for email replies to funnel into a comment thread, or to create a new separate comment for each message.

Unlock the productivity power of keeping your email communications right in your workflows. Great when communicating externally with clients, applicants, users, etc.

To learn how to email from ClickUp, click here!

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