Email + ClickUp

Email isn't dead, yet. Use email in ClickUp like never before! 

Create New Tasks by Sending Email to ClickUp

  • Send emails directly into Lists as new tasks

  • Include details such as the task description, due date, and attachments

Attach Emails and Add Comments via Email 

  • Send emails directly into tasks as new comments

  • Include email attachments to simulate uploading an attachment to the task

Reply to Notification Emails

  • Any response will be added as a comment to the task and attachments will be included as well

View pinned images in List View

If you've pinned a cover image to your task, reveal it in List View by hovering over the new pin!


CSV Export

  • Comments are now included in team task exports, just visit your team settings, click Import/Export and check it out!


  • Clear all applied filters by pressing - on your keyboard

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