If you're new to project management, it can be a bit overwhelming to jump into the existing infrastructure of a ClickUp Workspace. Below are some tips to help you quickly gain familiarity with the platform!

Find your Assignments

Me Mode

 Go to "Me Mode" to see all tasks that are assigned to you.

Check off the boxes that appear at the top of your screen to also see tasks that contain assigned comments, subtasks, or checklist items assigned to you.

Additional tips:

  • Sort and filter your tasks to organize them by due date, priority, and more.

  • Save this view to your Favorites to come back to it any time.


You'll receive in-app notifications for any task you are watching under the Bell icon. 

This means that whenever a teammate mentions you, changes a task status, or conducts a similar action, you will get a notification.

You can also set up granular notifications to receive task alerts via email, mobile, and/or browser.

Other Getting Started Resources

  1. Check out our Getting Started doc collection for information on our most notable features, as well as helpful use case scenarios.

  2. Check out this video to learn how to navigate ClickUp!

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