With ClickUp's client-friendly features, you'll be one step closer to managing your entire business in one project management platform. Check out the tips below to start setting up a CRM directly in your Workspace!

Setting up the Hierarchy

  1. Start by creating a Space to house your CRM. Alternatively, if you already have a Space set up for your Sales or Customer Service team, you can place your CRM in the existing Space.
  2. Add in our Folder template called "CRM" into the Space of your choice. You can customize this template however you like, but it will give you some good ideas on best practices to get started!

In the CRM Folder template, you'll see one List for "Accounts and Opportunities". You can add a new task in this List for each additional account or lead.

Using Custom Fields for CRM

With this feature, you can create unique task fields to manage client phone numbers, emails, notes, prospect items, or really anything else you can imagine. 

Popular fields for CRM include:

  1. Dropdown for Leads (hot, warm, cold) use Dropdown field
  2. Size of company use Number field
  3. Phone number use Phone field
  4. Email use Email field
  5. Name use Text field
  6. Budget use Currency field
  7. LTV (Lifetime value) use Number field

Here are some of the example custom fields you'll find in our CRM Folder template:

Other CRM Features and Integrations

  • Tags: Categorize your clients by tagging them as "paid", "hot", "reach out", etc. You can also filter your tasks by tags to visualize these indicators.
  • Statuses: Create a tailored status workflow to manage your CRM. Here's an example of the statuses many of our users work with:
  • Forms: Use our Form View feature to streamline your intake process and collect things like client demo or quote requests directly in ClickUp.
  • Templates: Save the structures of your favorite action items, such as tasks and checklists, and reuse them in a couple of clicks. This is the perfect way to quickly on-board new clients.

Note: Some features mentioned here are part of our paid plans. Click here for details about available plans.

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