Custom Fields let you build ClickUp to manage virtually anything you can imagine! 💡

Track, sort, and filter work according to your Workspace's needs.

Getting started

Custom Fields are a ClickApp that can be enabled by Admin+ from the menu behind their avatar.

On the ClickApps page, select whether you want to sort Custom Fields manually or alphabetically on your task windows.

All paid plans include unlimited uses of Custom Fields!

The Free Forever Plan includes 100 uses of Custom Fields, which includes setting and editing values within Custom Fields.

If you'd like more opportunities to explore the features of a paid plan, contact us by chat or email for a free trial!

Editing Custom Fields

  1. Open a Space, Folder, or List’s settings from the ... menu in the sidebar

  2. Click Custom Fields

  3. Add, edit, or organize the Custom Fields for the selected area
    - You can also locate an existing field from another area in your Workspace

  4. Business Plan and above users can require any Custom Fields to be filled in upon task creation

  5. Open a task to set the field

Note: You can add multiple options at a time to dropdown and label Custom Fields by copying and pasting values from outside of ClickUp! Each option must be separated by a line break, such as separate cells in a column in Excel or Google Sheets or new lines in a Word or Google Doc.

Creating Custom Fields

  1. From the same Custom Fields option on the ... menu, click on New Custom Field

  2. Select the Custom Field type

  3. Name your field

  4. Choose to require a Custom Field (available on our Business Plan and above)

Note: You can create Custom Fields at the Space, Folder, and List level, however, each Custom Field must be unique in its group. For example, if you create a Custom Field for a Folder, you can't create the same Custom Field with the same title in a List nested in the Folder.

Gif showing which types of custom fields are available

Searching Custom Fields

Input your text-based Custom Field value into any view search bar on the top left corner of your view. Look up a contact by their email, find client tasks by searching for their website, locate an email within your index by subject line, and more.

Searchable Custom Field types include:

  • text

  • long text

  • dropdown

  • label

  • email

  • phone

  • website

  • location 👋🏼

Moving tasks with Custom Fields

When you move your task, a popup will appear and ask what you'd like to do with the Custom Fields that exist in your task's current List, but not in the destination List.

You have the option to Select all, which means all the custom fields will be added to the destination List, you can selectively choose which Custom Fields transfer, or you can choose to Do nothing, which will move the task without any of the Custom Fields.

Deleting Custom Fields

If you delete a Custom Field, it will be sent to the Trash. Items in the Trash can be restored for up to 30 days before being permanently deleted.

When restoring a deleted Custom Field, they will be restored to any location where that Custom Field previously existed. Any data stored in the Custom Field will be restored as well!

If a Custom Field exists in more than one Hierarchy location, you can choose to remove it from a specific place.

On Edit field screen, you will be notified if the Custom Field exists in multiple places. Click on the places to show options for removal. Deleting the field will remove it from all places.

Note: You will only be able to remove a Custom field from the location it was added, not locations that inherit it. For example, if a Custom Field was created or added to a Folder, you will not be able to remove it from specific Lists inside the Folder.

Required Custom Fields

From the Custom Fields Manager modal, Admins can choose to require Custom Fields to be filled out upon task creation. Requiring Custom Fields helps enforce process and ensure data integrity for your entire Workspace.

If on, the selected Custom Field will prevent a new task from being created until it's filled out.

Editing custom fields to make them required

Note: This will require the Custom Field to be filled out in all the locations it is used. Required Custom Fields are not enforced for subtasks.

How to Use Custom Fields

Important notes:

  • Custom Fields ClickApp must be turned on at the Space level

  • Custom Fields can be added to any specific Space, Folder, or List. And from there you can use that same field in other locations!

  • Custom Fields are inherited down the Hierarchy. If you add a field at the Everything level, it will be available to every task in your Workspace. If you add a Custom Field at the Folder level, it will be available to each List. At this time, custom fields are not able to be reduced down to more particular locations.

  • You can calculate numeric Custom Fields in List View

  • Guests can edit existing Custom Fields but will not be able to create new fields.

Displaying Custom Fields

  • You can display any field(s) you like in List, Board, and Calendar views.

  • In List view, click the + icon on the right side of the columns header to show hidden fields or create new ones.

  • In Calendar and Board views, click the Show menu in the upper right

Arrow pointing to Show button and Custom fields option
  • You may hide Custom Fields from Guests. From the Custom Fields manager menu, simply hover over each field and click the Guests icon. If the eye icon is purple, the field is being shown to guests. If it is grey, it is not being shown.

Additionally, you can hide or create new Custom Fields when adding columns to List View.

  1. Click on the + icon in the top left of your List view

  2. Select a Custom Field type from the dropdown

  3. Set the field name

  4. Hit ENTER or RETURN on your keyboard, or click “Add Column”

Gif showing how to add and remove fields from List view

Workspace Custom Fields

Create a Custom Field that's accessible for any Space, Folder, List or task across your entire Workspace!

  1. View Everything in List View

  2. Click the + sign on the top right of your tasks. Choose Custom Fields library to select from existing fields, or select the Custom Field type to create a new Custom Field at the Workspace level.

  3. Now, you'll see this field as an option for any new item you create in your Workspace.

Arrow pointing to an encircled plus sign that allows you to add custom fields

Setting Custom Fields in Tasks

In each task window, you will find available Custom Fields below the task description.

By default task view will display fields with values. You can click Show empty fields to view all available Custom Fields. If you want to have a field displayed regardless of if it's filled in, pin it!

And, you can quickly clear any entered value by hitting the x button on the right side of any Custom Field.

Gif showing how to edit custom fields in a task window

To edit the Custom Fields in a task, select +Add or edit fields at the bottom right of the Custom Field section.

Then as you hover over your options, you will be able to pin, rename, delete, or hide the field from guests. Changes made here will affect the Custom Field everywhere that it is used.

Arrow pointing to pin option for custom fields and additional options to rename, delete, and share with guests

Note: Enterprise Plan owners can determine who has the ability to pin Custom Fields through Custom Permissions.

Setting Custom Fields In List

Showing how to edit custom fields from the sidebar ellipses menu
  • Click the ellipses ... for a List

  • Select Custom Fields in the dropdown

  • Click New Custom Field

  • Select a field type, give the field a name, and click Create

Bulk Editing Custom Fields with the Multitask Toolbar

screenshot showing the custom field option on the multitask toolbar
  • Select one or more tasks

  • Locate the Custom Field icon from the toolbar

  • Set or remove Custom Fields from your available options


  1. Ensure column is visible (see Displaying Custom Fields above)

  2. Click the column header to sort


  1. Open the filter or settings menu from Calendar, Board, or List View

  2. Click the + icon in the lower-left

  3. Choose from any Custom Field you've created

  4. Insert a value

  5. Choose the match type

Custom Field Types

Want more details on the different fields ClickUp offers? Just click here!

Custom field types

Formula fields

With formula fields, you're able to make calculations between numeric Custom Fields on a task to automatically determine things like the cost of a new product order or scoring for a new lead.

Custom Fields Mobile

Take advantage of Custom Fields on iOS and Android, so you can keep working on the go!

If you have questions or ideas for improvement, we want to know! Contact us directly at or visit our feedback boards to post your comments about changes you'd like to see!

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