With this ClickApp turned on, ClickUp will automatically change all tasks' Dates (both Start and Due dates) that are dependent (waiting on) a task, when the blocking task's Due Date is pushed back to a later date.

How to reschedule dependencies

Workspace admins and the owner can enable or disable this feature at any time by visiting the ClickApp page available on their avatar menu.

When enabled:

  1. Open a task that is blocking another task with a due date
  2. Change the due date of the task you have open
  3. The task which is waiting on the task you're viewing will automatically change its due date (and start date) by the same amount of time

If you don't want this feature enabled, simply turn it off! Or, if you only want it for certain Spaces but not for others, customize which Spaces have it enabled (and disabled). 

Gantt View

This is a terrific place to reschedule dependencies! Read more here!

When Reschedule Dependencies is enabled, dragging a task with dependencies will automatically reschedule all subsequent tasks in the chain.

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