Note: This doc explains ClickUp 2.0 features. Looking for a 1.0 doc? Click here!

The QuickSwitch navigator is the perfect solution for removing unnecessary clicks from your workday. This lets you instantly move between Spaces, Folders and Lists with just a few keystrokes. 

How to use the Quick Switcher

Press k on your keyboard or click lightning bolt icon in the upper right corner  to open QuickSwitch.

  1. Search for a Space, Folder or List in your Workplace
  2. Optional: Use the arrow keys to choose exactly where you want to go
  3. Press return to jump right in!

Important Notes

  • This navigation tool is available anytime when you're not active in a text field. Just press k on that keyboard!
  • Once you get started, the Quickswitch will suggest your favorite places in the app!
  • The QuickSwitch is simply a way to quickly jump to a new Space, Folder or List within your Hierarchy. It will not determine which view you see when you get there. To do so, check out how to make a default view!
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