In our quest to completely remove unnecessary clicks, we created a game-changing feature - Slash Commands.

Combined with QuickSwitch, you can do anything without lifting a finger in ClickUp!

How to use /Slash Commands

After typing a slash / to activate the Slash Command menu, use one of the available shortcuts to efficiently adjust task details, access formatting options without a click, attach or embed files, and more!

Note: options will vary depending on where in ClickUp you are working.

When you've chosen your command, use the keyboard to navigate and set the information, just press Space or Return to submit the change and continue working away!

gif showing slash command modal

Where to use /Slash Commands

In a Task Window

  1. Anywhere in a Task view (unless you're actively editing the task description, just type /  and you'll be moved to the comments field automatically)
  3. Description
  4. Title 

In List, Board, or Calendar View

  1. Use Slash commands within a create task field

Anywhere in Docs or Chat view!

Note: availability of specific slash commands will depend on where in ClickUp you are working.

/Slash Command options

  1. Move Lists  m   
  2. Assign tasks  a   
  3. Assign Comments  ac  
  4. Assign to me  me  
  5. Add watchers   w  
  6. Set priorities   p  
  7. Apply or change due dates  d  
  8. Change task status  s  
  9. Add waiting or blocking dependencies   o   or  b  
  10. Add a subtask  -  
  11. Mention a task   @@
  12. Mention a user  @  
  13. Sprint Points pts
  14. Change task position   pos  
  15. Due date to "today"   today  
  16. Add to inbox inbox 
  17. Time estimate  est  
  18. Start date  sd  
  19. Close task close  
  20. Tags  t  
  21. Build a table   table    
  22. Table of contents tc 
  23. Attachment   attach  
  24. Google Drive file  gdrive  
  25. Google Slides gslide 
  26. Google Docs gdoc 
  27. Google Sheets gsheets 
  28. Dropbox file  dropbox  
  29. Embed   em  
  30. CloudApp  cloudapp  
  31. OneDrive/Sharepoint file onedrive
  32. YouTube   youtube   
  33. Vimeo  vimeo   
  34. Figma  figma  
  35. Loom  loom  
  36. Embed a List view  list  
  37. Embed a new Doc in a task description @@@
  38. Embed a Miro board /miro
  39. Add a GIF /GIPHY (must have ClickApp on)

Rich Editing Commands:

  1. Normal text  norm   
  2. Heading 1  h1  
  3. Heading 2  h2   
  4. Heading 3  h3   
  5. Checklist   check   
  6. Divider   div   
  7. Inline Code  in   
  8. Quote  q   
  9. Code block  co  
  10. Link  k   
  11. Numeric list  num   
  12. Bulleted List   bul  
  13. Bold  bo   
  14. Italic  it   
  15. Strikethrough  st   
  16. Red background  r   
  17. Green background  g   
  18. Yellow background  y   
  19. Banner banner
  20. Toggle list Toggle list  
  21. Turn Into tu


  • You can use tab or the arrow keys to browse through commands
  • When you've chosen an option, use the keyboard to navigate and set the information. Press Space or Return to submit the change and continue working away!
  • You can use space or enter to select a command
  • Checkout our Hotkeys & Keyboard Shortcuts for more efficient tips & tricks!
  • Type / me to assign a task to yourself
  • Type /closed to close a task (or just use / cl to be even faster). This also works for /done and /complete
  • In a task, create subtasks super quick by typing / -
  • Type /tu to access the `Turn Into` quick menu, where you can turn any text into different formatting
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