This doc explains features in ClickUp 2.0. Looking for a 1.0 doc? Check out this link!

In our quest to completely remove unnecessary clicks, we created a game-changing feature— Slash Commands.

Combined with the Quick Switcher, you can do anything without lifting a finger in ClickUp!

How to use Slash Commands

From any of the following text fields simply type / to bring up the Slash Command menu.

In Task View

  1. Anywhere in Task view (type /  and you'll be moved to the comments field automatically)
  3. Description editor 
  4. Title 

In List, Board, or Calendar View

  1. Quick create task field

Slash command options

After typing / use a shortcut (denoted in the Slash Command menu) to set the following options (these will vary depending on where you're working in ClickUp):

  1. Change Lists (l)
  2. Assign tasks (a)
  3. Assign Comments (ac)
  4. Assign to me (me)
  5. Add watchers (w)
  6. Set priorities (p)
  7. Apply or change due dates (d)
  8. Change task status (s)
  9. Add waiting or blocking dependencies (o or b)
  10. Add a subtask (-)
  11. Mention a task (#)
  12. Mention a user (@)
  13. Change task position (pos)

When you've chosen an option, use the keyboard to navigate and set the information. Press Space or Return to submit the change and continue working away!

Pro tips

  • Type / me  to quickly assign a task to yourself 
  • Type /closed  to quickly close a task (or just use / cl to be even faster)this also works for /done  and /complete 
  • You can use space  or enter  to select a command
  • You can use tab  or the arrow keys to browse through commands
  • In a task, create subtasks super quick by typing / -  
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