The following screens have been optimized for printing:

  1. Tasks

  2. Task description

  3. List view

  4. Board View

  5. Calendar view

  6. Activity view

  7. Reporting

In each of these views, you can print a hard copy or save as a PDF. 

Note: Printing is not currently available in the Desktop app. You must use the web app to print.

Printing from Task View

Open a task and click on the ellipses ...  to print a fully refined copy of the task!

Printing from List and Board Views

You can print an entire List or Board by opening up the view and using the hotkey cmd + p  on a mac or ctrl + p  on a PC. 

Your browser's print option will also work from these views.

How to save as PDF instead of printing

  1. Click Print ("Command + P" on Mac or "Ctrl + P" on PC)

  2. Change the destination

3. Select Save as PDF 


If you're experiencing a strange view issue, try enabling printing background graphics in your settings. This also shows additional features such as tags:

  1. Print

  2. Click More settings  

  3. Enable background graphics  

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a ton of tasks in List View that I need to print. How do I ensure that all of them are included?

  • To ensure all tasks are printed in List View, continue to scroll down to the bottom of your screen until all tasks have loaded. You can then print your List View to include all of these tasks. 

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