Automatically track and manage GitLab commits, branches, and pushes with ClickUp tasks.

Full Screen Task Description

Focus the entire task description in full-screen so you can see every action item in full detail

  • Make hard copies of what you've been working on

  • Download a PDF version of any task 

Calendar syncing with Outlook, Apple Calendar, iCal

Use the new calendar feeds to send scheduled tasks directly to your favorite calendar app – Apple Calendar (1), Outlook (2), or any calendar (3) that allows you to subscribe with a URL feed.


Task Templates

  • Load templates into existing tasks to quickly add just the right information with a click!

  • This acts as a merge between the templated information and the details already in your task. 


  • ClickUp will now remember if you were last viewing favorites, so you can stay in the Favorites sidebar for as you need!

  • Support added for CloudApp image and video links.

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