This doc covers how to incorporate ClickUp into your Gmail workflow by creating tasks from emails, attaching email responses to tasks, and more. If you'd like to learn how to connect your Gmail account to ClickUp so you can send and receive email communications from within a task thread, click here.

Note: You must have the ClickUp Chrome Extension installed 

How to use the integration 

  1. Download the Chrome extension

  2. Go to Gmail

  3. Open an email

  4. Click the ClickUp logo within the email you want to use

Chrome extension in Gmail

Follow the steps when the Chrome extension opens with two options:

Attach to task

Your email will be attached as a rich attachment to an existing task. The attachment will be named the subject of your email, and you'll be able to preview, download, and even open the email.

Create new task

Attach your email to a new task. By default, the subject line will become the name of the task, but you can adjust this before creation. In the newly created task, you'll find your email as an attachment where you can preview, download, and open it right from ClickUp. 

Note: when you download the extension, if you do not see the ClickUp logo in your email, make sure to check that your Email Feature is toggled on in the extension settings.

Toggle on Email feature in Chrome Extension settings to see ClickUp logo in Gmail.

See which tasks emails have been attached to

After attaching an email to a task, you'll see the name of the task as a button on the email. Clicking this will open the task in ClickUp:

Task link created from Gmail

In ClickUp, you'll see this..

Email attachment in task
When you attach an email to a task you'll see it under your attachment section in the task

And will be able to open the Gmail thread by clicking here:

How to open email attachment from the task

Frequently asked questions

Does it work for attachments?

Yep! Any attachments in the email will be automatically uploaded to the ClickUp task. 

Can I disable this feature? 

Yes! To disable this feature (and hide the icon in Gmail), go to the settings in the ClickUp Chrome extension and turn the toggle off: 

Email toggle in Chrome extension settings

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