This one's all about time management. Schedule, plan, and customize how your team completes their tasks.

Time View

Week View

  • Build out your week with drag-and-drop style 

  • Revamped UI for scheduling down to the hour with ease

Day View

  • See exactly what tasks run in parallel through the day

  • Optimize each employee's agenda 

4-Days View

  • A rolling 4-day calendar view 

+ More new features

  • Show/Hide Details - each task on the calendar displays assignee, priority, and more!

  • Customize Colors - color based on task status or List colors

  • Remove Weekends - show or hide the weekends to reduce clutter and enhance focus!

  • Bulk Edit Tasks - use command (or control on Windows) to select multiple tasks and use the Multitask Toolbar in Calendar View

List milestones


If your tasks have Time Estimates, we'll automatically schedule them when you drop them on Week  or Day  views. 

  • Create a personal or team agenda

  • Arrange tasks in a day down to the half hour with simple drag-and-drop

  • Month, Week, and Day views let you zoom in and out with ease

Other Improvements

File preview

  • Now you can zoom in/out on images when previewing files 

  • Ability to delete files when previewing 

Recurring Tasks

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