This doc explains features in ClickUp 2.0. Looking for a 1.0 doc? Check out this link!

Manage Workload in Box View

Box view is completely unique to ClickUp - and is a way to rethink resource management entirely. Now, you can manage resources visually and even drag and drop to move tasks to and from different resources! 

Plus, with the Workload chart (Business plan only), you can easily see who is ready for more tasks, and who might be overloaded!

You can measure resources' workload and capacity in Box view based on: 

Managing resources is then as easy as dragging and dropping tasks from one person's box to another!

Showing tasks without time estimates

With time estimates turned on, you can also see how many tasks per person do not contain time estimates:

From there, you can quickly add time estimates to get a better understanding of how much is actually on their plate.

View Profiles 

Click on a person's avatar anywhere in the app to see what he or she has recently completed, as well as what's being worked on now and in the future. It's another great feature to help manage your team's time!

Resource Management in List View

Sort by columns such as time estimate or enable custom field columns to measure agile/scrum points that you can clearly visualize in List View! 

You can even calculate these columns to find their sum, average or range:

More resource management tools coming soon with our all new Timeline!

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