Drag and drop tasks into your Workspace’s agenda.

Animated gif of dragging and dropping tasks into a Calendar

How to Schedule Time for Your Workspace

  1. Switch to Week or Day view in the Calendar

  2. Drag unscheduled tasks from the Scheduling Sidebar (must be enabled)

  3. Adjust start and due dates for tasks 

  4. Ensure all Workspace members are assigned to tasks throughout their workday


  • If your tasks have Time Estimates, they'll be scheduled automatically as you drop them

  • Hide the weekends - if you want

  • Use colors as tasks can be colored by List, Status or Custom Field

Screenshot of task color options

How to View Your Schedule

Month View

Great for that high-level arrangement of long-term tasks

Screenshot of Calendar view by month

Week View

Allows scheduling tasks for your team down to the half-hour

Screenshot of Calendar view by week

Day View

Easily zoom in to see tasks side-by-side when times overlap

Screenshot of Calendar view by day

4-Day View: 

A rolling four day period for a more condensed view of what’s coming up!

Screenshot of Calendar view by rolling 4-day

Also, be sure to check out our impressive Gantt View to plan ahead meticulously!

You can also maintain a two-way sync with Google Calendar, or set up a calendar feed with other external calendars!

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