It's always worth being careful before deleting anything in ClickUp. If you delete certain items accidentally, you can find them in the Trash!

Important: Items in the Trash will be automatically and permanently deleted after 30 days.

Who can use the Trash

Workspace members have access to the Trash. They can see items they deleted, and are able to restore them.

Admins and the Workspace owner will have access to all deleted items. They can restore or permanently delete any items.

Guests cannot access the Trash.

Items available in the Trash

The following items are available in the Trash within 30 days of being deleted:

  • Spaces

  • Folders

  • Lists

  • Tasks

  • Chats

  • Docs

  • Pages

  • Forms

  • Custom Fields

  • Tags

  • Whiteboards

Access the Trash

The Trash can be found by clicking on your avatar in the bottom left of the screen, then clicking on Trash.

arrow pointing to the trash option

Permanently delete items

Be careful permanently deleting items from the Trash. We will not be able to restore items after this has been selected!

You will receive a final confirmation after clicking Delete forever.

Restoring items

Bring deleted items back into your Workspace by clicking Restore.

Restoring tags

Tags that were present on tasks will be restored to all tasks.

Restoring Tasks in Multiple Lists

Tasks that existed in multiple Lists will be restored to all Lists.

how to delete and restore a doc page

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