A Whole New way To Create Tasks

Task Templates

Re-use common tasks for things like processes and events! Save all task details with a template 😄 

  • Create Task from a Template: Simply add a title to automatically create the brand new task

  • Load Template: Pull in details from the template and make modifications before creating the task

  • Remap Subtask Due Dates: Change the Parent task due date and we'll automatically adjust the subtask due dates as well. Use the create task from template option when creating a new task. 

Revamped Task Creation

  • Spaces are now in the same menu as Projects and Lists allowing you to search for destination Lists across all Spaces

  • Add locations to your Favorites from the create task window

  • Add checklists to tasks from the create task window

Quick create

  • Hover over the + New Task button to see favorites and recent templates

  • Start from a template

  • Start from a Favorite List
    - This let's you quickly add a task to one of your favorite Lists without navigating

Harvest: Option to not include ClickUp task IDs in time entries


Task Tray

  • Remains visible when viewing a docked task from your tray

  • Quickly switch between docked tasks with a click


  • Open the dependencies window from any Waiting or Blocking icon

  • You no longer need to be viewing the task to see its dependencies

Multitask Toolbar

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