See what tasks are due imminently when you're on the go! In Calendar View, tasks are sorted by date so you know exactly what to work on next. 

How to Use the Mobile Calendar View

In a Calendar View, you'll be able to see all tasks that are due within a 3-day period in the Space, Folder, or List that you're viewing:

However, there are tons of customizable option to help you personalize your view!

  1. Open the View Settings menu for the Calendar which allows you to set Me Mode, show subtasks, and more

  2. Filter your tasks to drill down to the info you need

  3. Color your tasks in the Calendar by List, Status, or Custom Field

  4. Highlight all of your assigned tasks in this view

  5. View unscheduled tasks and apply dates to them as needed

  6. Flip between days in your Calendar. Just click Today to jump back to Today's tasks

Create Tasks

Option 1

Tap your finger anywhere in your daily schedule to quick-create a task. 

You can even type / when creating a task to access Slash Commands. These make it super fast to add assignees, priorities, and much more to your new task.

Option 2

Click the rainbow button in the bottom center of your screen to create a new task. Here, you'll also be able to:

At the top of your screen, you can also access your Favorites by clicking the star in the upper-right corner!

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