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1. ClickUp's Hierarchy

Tasks in ClickUp are organized around a hierarchical structure broken down as follows: Workspace > Space > Folders (optional) > List > Task


Your Workspaces are the top level. You can join or create as many Workspaces as you'd like - and easily switch between them in ClickUp. 

Note: Each ClickUp Workspace is entirely separate, so it is not possible to view or transfer information between them. This is why most people prefer to keep everything in one Workspace!


Businesses love organizing Spaces into different departments, and agencies use Spaces to separate their clients. You might find Spaces best for separating work and personal life. This is because you can make Spaces public or private, as well as customize the workflows and features held within each.


Folders allow you to group Lists. This is useful when you’re aligning feature releases or marketing campaigns, but folders are optional. 

Folders allow you to customize an entire group on contained Lists. You can set custom statuses and custom fields for the entire Folder.


This is where all of your tasks live. Lists act as the sections within your Folders. You can use them to organize people, phases, timelines, sprints, locations, or really anything you implement to keep your Spaces organized.

In addition to being grouped inside of Folders, Lists can also be created as standalone items.


These are the concrete action items where you'll be spending the majority of your time in ClickUp. Tasks can contain subtasks and checklists, and offer many customizable features. This doc and video will give you a complete overview of a ClickUp task!

Pro Tip for Optimizing the Hierarchy

Use Favorites to create your own sidebar, fully customized with location (Space/Folder/List), sorting, filtering, and your favorite view!

2. Understanding the Views

List View

The most powerful place to manage your tasks. Sort and filter tasks by just about any attribute, batch edit tasks with the multitask toolbar, and view all tasks across ALL Spaces.

Board View

Have you ever put post-it-notes on a board, used Trello, or taken an agile approach to managing a large goal? In ClickUp, you can view your tasks as cards on a board where each column is a stage in your custom status workflow. This view is great for managing bottlenecks.

Box View

The perfect place to gain insight into your teammates' workflows. With this view, you can quickly examine users' task counts and measure them against your own progress.

Calendar View

Drag tasks onto the calendar to apply start and end dates/times. This is the perfect place to manage your time-dependent tasks. Take it to the next level with our Google Calendar 2-way sync.

With the Sidebar, you can zoom in on tasks with a certain List or Folder, or even view all tasks at once!

Gantt View

We heard you, project managers! We built our own beautiful Gantt View so you can plan out projects, manage time spent and set deadlines.

Wiki and Doc View

Create, collaborate, and keep all your work in one place by creating wikis and docs for whatever you're working on.

Conversation View

Host unique discussions in ClickUp outside of a specific task or project.

Embed View

Embed almost any site or app that your Workspace needs within ClickUp so that ClickUp becomes the only app your team needs.

3. Customize Where You Work

Customization is set primarily at the Space level. By customizing Privacy, Integrations, and ClickApps, you can incorporate unique workflows in each of your separate Spaces. 


These incorporate all of the major features in ClickUp and can be enabled or disabled based on what you need in each Space.

  • Priorities - Classify tasks by importance.
  • Tags - Use to group, view, or manage related tasks.
  • Time Tracking - Native through our Chrome Extension, or available via integration with Harvest, Everhour, and Toggl.
  • Time Estimates - Provide better predictability for Lists and Folders.
  • Multiple Assignees - One or multiple? We decided to let you make the choice.
  • Remap Subtask Due Dates - Automatically change a task's subtask due dates if parent task's due dates are changed.
  • Custom Fields - Add virtually any field you want to your ClickUp tasks.
  • Incomplete Warning - ClickUp will automatically prompt you with a warning if you attempt to close a task with unresolved items (Subtasks, assigned comments, etc.)
  • Dependency Warning - Before closing a task that is waiting on another task, ClickUp will display a warning message.
  • Reschedule Dependencies - ClickUp will automatically change all tasks' dependent Dates  when the blocking task's Due Date is pushed back.



Link tasks together based on their requirements to ensure the right tasks are completed in the right order. This provides your Workspace with organized direction in the flow of linked tasks.


Notifications can be a major distraction. ClickUp keeps things simple and only gives notifications for important items of relevance. Customize notification thresholds and keep things clear from your Dashboard.


Automatically import your data perfectly from every major project management platform. While we have imports with Todoist, Asana, Trello, and Jira, our CSV import feature is also available if you're transitioning from another platform!

If you have any questions at all, just reach out to us at help@clickup.com!


Gain deep insights into every relevant area of your project with ClickUp's gamification and reporting.

Sort and Filter

Tasks aren't very useful until they're organized. Let ClickUp handle the tediousness and sort your tasks with one click! When the volume gets out of hand, add a filter!

Task Tray

Minimizing a task will dock the task into your tray, allowing you to come back at any point. Use this to keep active tasks at the front of your mind all day.


The Notepad makes it easy to record even the simplest ideas and convert thoughts to tasks at a later time.


  • Web - Works on any browser
  • Mobile - iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire
  • Desktop - Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Voice - Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Browser - Chrome Extension


For a rapid overview of our most important features, check out this video!

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