Milestones are used in project management to signify the end of a big group of tasks, such as a new feature being released. Quickly identify which tasks are Milestones by the icon and bolded task name.

This ClickApp can be toggled on for any Space to easily turn tasks into progress markers. If you don't want this feature, you can easily turn it off.

Soon, you'll even be able to view your milestones on Portfolios!

Users on Free Forever Workspaces can test out Milestones with 10 uses, Unlimited+ Plan Workspaces get unlimited usage of Milestones. Learn more about our plans here.

How to access Milestones

  1. Visit your Workspace settings (you must be an Admin or Owner)
  2. Select ClickApps
  3. Locate the Milestones ClickApp and toggle on
  4. Open a task
  5. Click the ...  menu
  6. Select Mark as Milestone 

Viewing Milestones

Quickly identify which tasks are Milestones by the icon and bolded task name in a List and Calendar view.

In Gantt view is where Milestones really shine! They are represented as diamond shapes to help you see all the big items that need to be completed in your project timeline.

You can also filter by Milestones! This allows you to create special views just to show Milestones across Lists, Folder, etc.

Note: When you export a CSV of your tasks, Milestones will be displayed.

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