Milestones are used in project management to signify the end of a big group of tasks, such as a new feature being released. 

Setting Milestones in ClickUp

Lists are built to support milestones in ClickUp, and Calendar View is where they are managed. 

Use Lists as Milestones

Lists act as containers for your tasks and include numerous features to help you meet larger goals.

  1. List info: A comprehensive activity feed and description of the tasks located within. Add assigned comments, conversation watchers, owner, priority, attachments, descriptive commentary, and more.

2. Due Dates: Set a due date within the List Info for your entire List of tasks. This due date represents your true milestone for completing a specific group of tasks. 

Simply archive the List once you've completed your goal!

Viewing Milestones in ClickUp

List dates are shown as milestones on your calendar in a unique style.

When opening Calendar View, click on the Folder to see all list end dates (milestones) represented on the calendar.

Pro Tip: View All Milestones in ClickUp

Often times when using ClickUp we forget to click on the entire Folder to see all the tasks at once in a Calendar View.

This will give you a birds-eye view of the Folder and how close you are to completing it, efficiently!

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