ClickUp reminders are the coolest reminders ever created! Not only can you create text reminders, but you also can add ATTACHMENTS, schedule the reminder, and customize your notification for the reminder! 

Reminders that you create for yourself are PRIVATE to you. No one else can see them.

BUT, reminders don't just have to be for you! You can delegate them to other people, which adds them to their own Inbox, and to that person's profile!

Creating a new reminder is super convenient!

You can do so FROM ANYWHERE in your Workspace with the r hotkey, or by clicking the rainbow icon next to "+ Task" in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, and selecting Reminder!

Recurring Reminders

Create a repeat schedule for reminders that you need to complete over and over again! You can choose to set a schedule manually, or just use natural language processing:

Comment Reminders

Notifications piling up? Never forget about a comment again! Use the Remind me option on any comment to turn the text into a Reminder. The Reminder will live in your Inbox and appear on the date you select!

Reminders in Inbox

  • Inbox contains both tasks and reminders that start or are due today and earlier. It's also the perfect place to manage tasks in and outside of work by adding reminders.
  • By default, it's due 'Today'
  • Create reminders in your Inbox offline that sync as soon as you're connected

Reminders in Profiles

When you create a reminder in someone’s profile, it’s automatically delegated to that person

  • When you delegate reminders or tasks, you'll be able to track them and make sure they actually get done.
  • Creating a reminder for someone (delegating) will add it to their Inbox when it's due 
  • Note that you can only see Reminders on people's profiles that you personally delegated. You aren't able to see reminders people create for themselves, or reminders that other people delegate to them.

Reminder Actions

  • Complete
  • Change due date 
  • Convert to Task (add to a List)
  • Delegate
  • Delete

NOTE: Inbox reminders are global across all Workspaces, meaning they'll be the same for every Workspace you're on, they are always synced across Workspace. This way, if you leave one Workspace, you won't lose your reminders! 

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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