Favorites can greatly increase the speed at which you navigate ClickUp! You can think of them as bookmarks to the views you use and like the most.

Showing how to add items as a favorite.

How to Create a Favorite

You can create Favorites from the following areas in your Workspace:

  • Dashboards

  • Views

  • Spaces

  • Folders

  • Lists

  • tasks

  • Current Sprint - which always links to the current running Sprint!

To add it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the area you want to “Favorite”

  2. Click to bring up the view’s action menu

  3. Click “Add to Favorites”

If you're creating a Favorite view, you'll want to do these additional steps:

  1. Filter and sort your view (if you want to), and save any changes

  2. Name your Favorite

  3. Click Save Favorite

How to Use Favorites

Simple Layout

Showing how to use the favorites in Simple Layout.

Modern Layout

Showing how to use the favorites in Modern Layout.
  1. Open the favorites menu

  2. Alternate between the views you use most 

  3. Rename and delete Favorites by right-clicking a Favorite tab or clicking the ellipses ...  

Pinning Favorites

To pin the favorites bar you can click the thumbtack icon at the top of the favorites menu. This will affix the top of the application.

Anything else you'd like to see with Favorites? Vote, comment, or add a new suggestion on our feedback board!

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