This doc will demonstrate how to incorporate rich editing and markdown options in your task comments.

Reveal Rich Editing Options

Simply click and drag your cursor over text while creating a comment to reveal your editing choices.

Task comment with selected text, showing the formatting options available.

Markdown Shortcuts

Use the markdown options shown below to make changes as quickly as possible. 

  • Bold:  *  bold text *  

  • Italic: _  italicized text _  

  • Strikethrough:  ~ text with a line through it ~  

  • Underline: Command  + u    before typing

  • Syntax Highlighting:   + space    

  • Link: Command   + k  after highlighting text

  • Inline code:  `  highlights simple text 

  • Code Block:  ```  pre-formats simple text

  • Quote: >  + space   

Other Editing Options

  • Embed trusted links such as YouTube, Loom, and Figma

  • Add an emoji while creating a comment by pressing :
    Alternatively, just click the smiley face located under your text box.

  • Edit your most recent comment (while in comment editor mode) by pressing your up-arrow key

  • Tag another user by typing @ in your comment, or just click the @ symbol below your text box

  • Mention a task by typing @@ (or just click the @ symbol)

  • Mention a Doc by typing @@@ (or just click the @ symbol)

  • Paste an image Command + V 

  • Shift + Enter creates a line break

When typing @@@ the Doc selector appears, showing recent Docs

You can even embed Loom links directly in your task comments!

Simply copy and paste the Loom URL into your comment:

A drafted task comment with a Loom video embedded in it

Be sure to check out our rich editing and markdown choices for task descriptions!

Let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here.

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