This doc explains features in ClickUp 2.0. Looking for a 1.0 doc? Check out this link!

Take a look at tasks you've been active in recently through the search bar. Click the magnifying glass to select from the options below:

Tasks recently created by me:

This includes any task in your Workplace you've made from newest to oldest.

Tasks recently viewed by me:

View all tasks you've recently opened. 

Tasks recently closed by me:

View all tasks you've recently marked "Closed". 

Tasks recently updated by me:

This will show you all tasks that you have recently updated. Updating a task includes: 

Once you begin to search, you will have the option to select a specific Space by clicking the dropdown at the top left.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for new features inside ClickUp! Be sure to leave what you'd like to see on our feedback board.

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