Done with a Folder or List but want to access tasks and files later? 

Archiving a Folder or List removes it from view, but does not delete any tasks that are contained within. You can still search for archived tasks and show hidden Folders and Lists in the sidebar.

Unless you truly want to permanently delete tasks within the Folder or List, you should pretty much always use the archive option.

How to Archive a Folder or List: 

  1. Click the ellipses ... menu next to a Folder or List 
  2. Click Archive  
  3. Confirm 

How to Show Archived Folder and Lists:

  1. Click the Sidebar Settings menu next to the Space’s name 
  2. Click Show archived   

How to Unarchive a Folder or List:

  1. Show archived Folder (see above)
  2. Hover over an archived List or Folder 
  3. Click the restore arrow
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