You don't want an unused Folder or List cluttering up your Sidebar. You might need it later, though. Archive it!

Archived Folders and Lists aren't visible in the Sidebar. They also are separated from hidden Folders and Lists, which are still active.

Best of all, archived Folders and List are fully searchable!

What you'll need

Archive a Folder or List: 

  1. Click the ... ellipsis to the right of the Folder or List you want to archive

  2. Select Archive

  3. In the Archive modal click the Archive button

  4. Your Folder or List has been removed from the Sidebar but can be restored at any time
    Note: Archived Lists count towards your Plan's List limits.

Show archived items in the Sidebar

Show archived items in the Sidebar to review them.

  1. Hover and click the cog icon at the top of the Sidebar to open the Sidebar settings menu

  2. Click Show archived

  3. Archived Spaces, Folders, Lists, and Docs added to the Sidebar will be displayed with the archived icon and italicized names

Screenshot of the Sidebar settings menu highlighting the Show archived button

How to Unarchive a Folder or List:

  1. Show archived Folder (see above)

  2. Hover over an archived List or Folder 

  3. Click the restore arrow

Showing how an archived Folder shows in the sidebar.

Note: Changes made to archived tasks will still trigger notifications for all watchers. To stop receiving notifications, you can delete the task or remove yourself as a watcher.

Want to learn more?

Pro tip: Archive Folders and Lists on the go with our Mobile app!

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