Quickly upload files from anywhere on your iOS device into ClickUp, without even opening the app!

In this doc we'll reference the sharing action that is represented on iOS with this icon:

Note: We are aware of an issue with Apple devices using iOS 14 where various apps are not shown as an option for sharing. This is not unique to our ClickUp mobile app, and may be fixed by Apple in a future update. Until then, you may need to restart your device to display all apps that have sharing activities enabled.

How to Enable ClickUp Sharing

  1. Open the sharing action menu with the share button

  2. Slide to the right of your app options to locate and click the ...  More option

3. Scroll down your list of activities until you see ClickUp
4. Flip the toggle for ClickUp on
5. Optional - Use the handle on the right side of the row to drag ClickUp to the top of the list and prioritize this sharing option

How to Share Files to ClickUp

Anywhere you find the sharing action, you will have the ability to share into ClickUp.

Once you've selected an item to share, it will be added to your Inbox as a Reminder.

  • The text that you add here ^ will be the title of the Reminder

  • The item you're sharing will be added as an attachment to the Reminder!

In your Inbox

Once the shared item is in your Inbox, swipe left on the Reminder to:

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