ClickUp can magically interpret dates and times without having to type out the full thing!

How it Works - Examples

When you're setting a start or due date for a task or if you're adding manual time, simply type as you would speak. Try things like this: 

  • tomorrow at 3pm  or tomorrow 3pm   
  • four hours  or 4 h  
  • next week or next tues
  • next month 
  • 2m , 2 months 
  • fri 2pm  

All you need to do is press enter to save!

Autofill and Other Interpretations

Save even more time and let ClickUp determine the words you're using. 


  • tom => tomorrow 
  • tod => today
  • wk => week
  • y, yr, yrs => year
  • p => pm

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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