Have you ever closed a task only to find out later that it wasn't actually ready to be closed? 

This feature ensures nothing slips through the cracks! 

If you're trying to close a task that has unresolved comments, subtasks, and/or checklist items that haven't been completed, ClickUp will automatically prompt you with a warning: "Are you sure about this?"

You have the power to enable (and disable) this warning at anytime. Additionally, you can adjust which items will trigger the warning. 

How to enable (or disable the warning)

As an admin, you have the ability to adjust this warning at the Space level

  1. Click the Workspace icon in the bottom left corner.

  2. Select ClickApps

  3. Locate the Incomplete Warning ClickApp

  4. Select which Spaces to enable (or disable) 

Settings: What will I be warned about?

You have the ability to choose which items to prevent conflicts for 

  1. Subtasks: Warn about subtasks that haven't yet been closed

  2. Checklists: Warning for checklist items that haven't been completed

  3. Assigned Comments: Warning for assigned comments that have not been resolved

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