Important: Dashboards are replacing the standalone Reporting and Portfolio features. Dashboard widgets allow you to customize your reporting in a way that makes the most sense to you. Get started by learning more about table widgets and time tracking widgets!

There's a total of seven reports on the Reporting page. Workspaces on the paid plans have full access to every report, but Workspaces on the Free Forever Plan are limited to the Tasks completed report.

Note: The Reporting page is not accessible if using the Simple Layout. Learn more about changing your layout here.

Accessing the Reporting feature in Modern layout

How to Use the Reports

Location Filter: Space, Folder, List

Be sure you focus the tables on what matters. Set the Space(s), Folder(s), or List(s) you're most interested in, and then choose the time period you'd like to monitor.

See the breakdown of what is included in your report at the top of the report

Standard Filters

You also have the power of the filters you're used to from List and Board View.


Choose the period for the data displayed in the report. 

Tasks Completed Report

  • This report shows tasks completed by each person.

  • A task completed is counted towards the person if that user(s) is assigned to the task at the time it was closed. 

  • Lead Time: This shows the time it took for the task to be completed since the task was created. 

  • Available on the Free Forever Plan

Worked On Report

  • This is the best place to dive in and take a look at the tasks each person has been active in. 

  • "Activity" is essentially any action performed in a task.

Workspace Points Report

This is a sort of ClickUp gamification! We've got a lot more on the way 😀 

  • Cleared Notifications - The total number of notifications cleared.

  • Comments added - Number of comments added to tasks that fit your filters

  • Resolved - The number of resolved comments 

  • Completed - Closed tasks that were assigned to the user

  • Worked on - Number of tasks that a user has logged any activity in

  • Totals - The numbers from each column added together

Who's Behind Report

  • Because everyone in an paid Workspace has access to this tab, it's an excellent way to hold your colleagues accountable for clearing their notifications and completing overdue tasks. 

  • Note that total uncleared notifications and total overdue tasks are representative of a current state so there is no need or option to filter based on time period.

Time Tracked Report

  • See a total how much time each person in your Workspace has tracked.

  • With cumulative time tracking logs for each Workspace user, there’s accurate information on how time consuming a List of tasks has been.

  • This includes time tracked manually and automatically, such as with the ClickUp Chrome extension, Toggl and Harvest

  • Export the data for even more information.

Time Estimated Report

  • Quickly view time as a team resource for planning projects.

  • The time remaining indicator calculates (time estimated) - (time logged) to determine whether or not your goals are on schedule. 

  • This report does not provide a time period filter.- Time estimated is not inherently related to exact dates. Therefore, adding a time period filter for this feature would render its comparison with the time tracked feature useless.

  • This table also gives you the ability to export much more data. 

Calculated Fields

At the bottom of each column in the following reports, you'll find calculation fields:

  • Completed

  • Worked On

  • Workspace Points

  • Who's Behind

These let you work with sums, averages, and ranges of all values in the column.

Calculation fields are at the bottom of each column to allow for finding the sum, range, and average

Custom Fields

When you first visit the report, you'll be asked to choose an initial custom field to build the report with. 

No worries, you can add more or change the initial field once your report is generated. 

  1. Choose a custom field from the drop-down- For each custom field you choose, a column will be added and only tasks with that field set will be shown- Click the + button to add another custom field column

  2. Optionally, use the filters to choose specific field values with operators such as is set, is not set, greater than, less than, etc

  3. Optionally, set a "Calculation" field at the bottom of each column. - Specify a calculation: Sum, Average, Range

For more information on Custom Fields Reporting please check out its doc page here!

Tip: You can also calculate numeric fields in your List View columns! Learn more here.

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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