Track time, create tasks, bookmark websites, add notes, and gather screenshots (with mark up), and capture emails, as you surf the web!

Note: Using our Chrome Extension with browsers other than Google Chrome is not supported at this time.

Installing the Chrome Extension

Click this button and follow the steps below:

1. Open the Chrome Web Store

2. Search for ClickUp


4. Click Add extension in the next popup 

3. Click Add extension in the next popup 

5. Log in to your ClickUp Account

6. Select the Workspace(s) that should have access


The ClickUp Chrome Extension requires the ability to "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit" because the extension must be able to access the web page to take screenshots and to attach URLs to tasks.

It also requires the ability to "Manage Downloads" in order to save edited screenshots to your computer.

There is no other data sent to ClickUp, except for error reports coming from the extension, and emails that you choose to attach to tasks.


You can enable and disable features such as Time Tracking, Email, and the Floating Buttons. Just choose the Settings tab and you'll get these options:

ClickUp Extension Settings

Create Tasks and Bookmark Sites 

Creating a new task 

Select the New Task tab

  • Write a title for your task

  • Add assignees and a due date

  • Write a description for your task. (Pro tip: Use Markdown Shortcuts in your description fast rich text editing)

  • Click Create New Task 

Creating a new task 

Bookmark a site and save as a task

Bookmark a site and save as a task
  • Click on the Bookmark  tab

  • This automatically sets the page title & URL as the task title 

  • You can also add a description here

  • Then you'll also be given the option to attach a screenshot of the website to the task by clicking Include screenshot 

include screenshot

Set a Default List

  • Save a default destination for tasks making this the fastest way to add new tasks!

Save a default list

Native Time Tracking

Simply locate a task in the extension and select it to begin tracking time!

Native time tracking

From the Time Spent window, you are able to view time logged on recent tasks and even remove time that was accidentally logged.

Back in the ClickUp task, the time has been logged, and we can even start the extension's timer from within the task.

Capture, Mark Up, and Attach Screenshots

Capture Screenshots

Capture your entire browser tab or select a certain area to add to a task or download to your computer.

Capture Screenshots


Attach the file to an existing task or create a new one

Mark Up

The extension grants you extremely detailed mark up functionality:

  • Paintbrush
    - draw what you want on top of the screenshot
    - set a color and brush size

  • Arrow, line, circle, square
    - quickly add shapes to highlight areas of the screenshot
    - set a color and brush size

  • Text
    - add notes right onto a screenshot
    - set a color, size, and substrate (background)

  • Blur
    - select an area of the screen you would like to remain hidden. 

  • Numbers
    - drop increasing numbered markers on your screenshot
    - dragging and dropping allows you to create a box with the number
    - perfect for sharing steps with a team member

  • Pointer
    - select things you've already added to the screenshot and make adjustments

  • Undo / Redo

Attach to comments

  1. Take a screenshot with the Chrome Extension

  2. With the screenshot still in the extension, open a task in ClickUp

  3. Open the comment editor

  4. Click the Chrome attachment button

Attach Emails to Tasks

Attach Emails to Tasks

Capture an email

  • Click the Add to ClickUp button in your email to generate a full HTML record of the email.

Attach emails to tasks and create tasks from emails

  • ClickUp will attach the email to a task or create a brand new one with the email attachment included so you can quickly view, jump back, or download the email!

For more info, check out our doc on attaching emails to ClickUp!


You can also access your ClickUp notes from any page. Open the extension to the Notepad tab, and all of your notes are available from ClickUp. Your notes will sync across all your devices. Use Markdown Shortcuts and Rich Text in any note.

When hovering over a note, you will be able to rename the note, archive, delete, and convert the note to a task.

While inside a note, at the bottom are the options to see earlier versions of the note, open the fullscreen editor, as well as the option to convert the note to a task.

Floating Button

The ClickUp button gives you quick access to the Notepad, Bookmarks, Screenshots, Time Tracking, and creating a task from any webpage.

To move the button, click and drag it to any spot on the page. 

To hide the button, hover over the x  icon. You can choose to hide the button for the current session, always for the current website you're on, or turn them off all together.

Switching and Adding Workspaces

To see your Workspaces, click on the avatars at the top left corner. Switching to a Workspace is easy. Just click on it! 

To add a new Workspace to the extension, click on the plus + icon next to Workspaces. You will be shown all of your Workspaces and can choose which ones you'd like to use.

Pro Tip: Custom Hotkeys

You can also change the hotkeys for taking screenshots!

  1. Open your Chrome extensions.

  2. Select Keyboard Shortcuts from the menu.

  3. Click on the action.

  4. Press the hotkey you want to use.

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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