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Sometimes, it's necessary to remove a person from your Workspace. ClickUp makes this super simple and fast.

How to Remove a Person from a Workspace

Only available to team admins

  1. Open the Workspace you would like to remove a user from
  2. Click the Workspace icon in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select People+
  4. Locate the person you want to Remove
  5. Click the ellipses ... icon next to the person’s name
  6. Click Remove 
  7. You're all done!

How to Remove a User from a Space

Only available in private Spaces

  1. Click on your profile avatar and select “Spaces”
  2. Find the desired private Space
  3. Locate the user you would like to remove Spaces access from
  4. Click the X beside their username

If you're interested in how to delete an entire Workspace, please see our doc here!

Privacy of Folders, Lists and tasks

You can also choose who has access to your Folders, Lists and tasks. Click here to learn more!

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