ClickUp lets you export your Workspace's data in a comma separated value (CSV) format so you can use your data in countless ways!

How to Export

A Workspace admin will be able to export all of your data from ClickUp in just a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the Settings page

  2. Click Import/Export in your sidebar

  3. Begin processing the export by clicking Start Export 

  4. In just a few moments you will be able to download with the Download Export button

Settings sidebar with Import/Export highlighted and pointing out Start Export button

Note: On Free Forever Plan and Unlimited Plan Workspaces, you can also export List view 5 times to CSV, and Table View 5 times to CSV. You can also export each view to Excel 5 times each. Business+ Plan Workspaces have unlimited access to CSV List view and Table view exporting.

Business Plan+ subscribers also have the option exporting select data using List view export. That makes it easy to pull just the information you need!

What is Included in an Export

The format of the CSV export include the following information on the tasks in your team: 

  • ID

  • Title 

  • Description 

  • Status 

  • Date created 

  • Due date 

  • Start date 

  • Parent ID  - included for subtasks

  • Attachment array  - the list of attachments (e.g. "ClickUpAPIDocs.pdf")

  • Assignees array  - the list of assignees

  • Tags array  - the list of tags

  • Priority 

  • List Name  

  • Folder Name 

  • Space Name 

  • Time Estimated 

  • Task Comments

  • Checklists 

example csv file with columns for ID, Title, Description, Status, Date created, Due date, Parent ID, Attachments, Assignee, Tags


Would you like to see more from our exporting capabilities? Let us know with a suggestion here!

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