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The ability to merge tasks together comes in handy when you’re dealing with two tasks that are so similar they’d be considered unnecessary, or if you have two thoughts that you later find are more related than anticipated.

Our "Merge Tasks" feature solves this issue perfectly by combining tasks' subtasks, descriptions, and other important information!

How to merge a Task

  1. Open a task and select the ellipses ... - In List and Board View, this is done by clicking the ellipses icon or right-clicking on a task
  2. Click Merge from the dropdown menu
  3. Select the other task you would like to merge your current Task into

What really happens when I merge a Task?

Imagine you have a Task (T1) that's being merged into another Task (T2):

  • The title will remain for T2
  • The description will be a concatenated version of both descriptions, with the T1description being added to the top of the new task's description. 
  • Assignees from T1 are merged with T2's assignees
  • Comments from T1 are merged into T2's
  • Attachments and comment attachments from T1 are merged into T2's
  • T2 will be the task to retain tags, priorities, dates, recurrence, logged time, and estimated time.  NOTE: T1 will be deleted after the two Tasks are merged 

Example: At ClickUp, we tend to use the “Merge Task” feature a lot when creating "Hot Fixes". Often times multiple clients will report a very similar bug, so we will merge the various tasks floating around to condense the job for our developers.

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