Add Time Estimates to tasks to provide better predictability for Lists and Folders. 

Time Estimates is a ClickApp, meaning you can enable (and disable) the feature within each of your Spaces

Enabling Time Estimates

  1. Click on your profile avatar in the bottom left corner of your screen 
  2. Select ClickApps from the pop-up menu that appears
  3. Locate the Time Estimates feature and flip the toggle to the right
  4. Enable for as many Spaces as you like
  5. Determine if you want to enforce hours as the standard unit of time. (We'll automatically display Time Estimates as days, weeks, and months - and take into account how many hours you set as a day.) Learn more here

How to Set Time Estimates

Places you can set Time Estimates

Task View

List View

Board View

Time Estimates and Reporting

ClickUp's Reporting feature includes seven different views to provide a comprehensive overview of your team's progress. With the Time Estimated Report, users can:

  • Quickly view time as a team resource for planning projects
  • Utilize the time remaining indicator, which calculates (time estimated) - (time logged) to determine whether or not your goals are on schedule
  • This report does not provide a time period filter.- Time estimated is not inherently related to exact dates. Therefore, adding a time period filter for this feature would render its comparison with the time tracked feature useless.
  • This table also gives you the ability to export much more data. 

Please note that Reporting is available only for Unlimited and Business Plan users.

Sorting by Time Estimate

Once you've enabled time estimates within a Space, you can utilize them to sort your tasks in List View

Just click on the column for Time Estimates above your list of tasks to start sorting!

Note: You can choose to hide time estimates from invited guests. Check out this doc to learn more!

Time Estimates Rollup: Click on parent rollup total to see time estimated broken down by subtask. You will also see any time estimated on parent task itself!

Coming Soon:

  • Machine learning to predict when (and by how much) your Time Estimates will be off
  • Reporting for "Time Left"
  • Reporting for Estimating Folders/List/Space Deadlines
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